Sunday, April 21, 2019

Here & Now

Well, I finally feel a little more acclimated here in Las Vegas. I found employment after 2 weeks of searching. I truly feel that was a blessing after several interviews I had gone on. All I can say on #lasvegas hiring is keep searching for the career that you want. Don't sell yourself short. There are plenty of jobs out here. If you're trying to get into a casino; it takes time so keep that in mind.

There is so much more to Las Vegas than the strip. There are museums, shows, cultural events etc. Now that I am a resident of Nevada. I have found so much more to the state other than the infamous strip. Don't get me wrong I love and enjoy the Las Vegas Strip just as much as the next person. However if you're not financially ready for it. It will take a toll on you. So BE SMART and don't spend all your free time on the strip. I go up there when I can simply to walk around and catch some beautiful sun rays & when it's not too hot. The strip is beautiful, fun and exciting but it's also dangerous to your wallet. So be smart & cautious.

I am about six weeks in on my job and I work with some pretty great people. The job is easy. The drive there is short, The hours are 10 a day & the pay is good. When the day is over I come home and spend time with my spoiled chihuahua. My husband & I work opposite shifts. He's on 3rd, so we don't see each other as much as we'd like. In time all will fall into place. In fact the only time I actually speak is when I am at work with co-workers or patients. Eventually I will be able to go out and socialize but for now all I have is, well Social Media. I did find a way to make the most out of my time. I started making & uploading short videos onto Facebook , Instagram & Youtube although I am not too familiar with how you tube works people seem to be more interested in Instagram & FB. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway it helps me be verbal when I have no one else to speak with, so yeah lol. The 2 hour time difference and everyone's work hours makes it difficult to call back home for chit chat or comfort. So weekends are a must & when time is available. That's just the way life is.

This transition was something my hubby and I discussed thoroughly. We have our significant reasons for making this move here. I will admit it has been and is rough in a few ways and in time it will all work out. All I will say is that no matter what I have gone through, will go through the; feeling the sun hitting my face ALWAYS makes me smile. I can walk outside at 6 a.m or 7 pm and the sun is shining bright daily for this I am forever grateful to have such an experience.

Before I end up all emotional I will end this blog with these words. DO NOT EVER take life for granted, appreciate & love those you claim to love before they're no longer around to tell them. Do not cry for them when they're gone; cry WITH them while you can here & now. Life is short; Love is forever.

Until the next time... )0(

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