Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My drive..

It's been 2 months since my last surgery. SO much has changed in my life. I don't even know where to begin. Once I healed my husband & I decided to make the move to Las Vegas as we discussed months ago. We did it. We left Chicago, Illinois on February 15th 2019. We now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let me summarize my drive here. It was nice, rough then traumatic but I made it. I am not a long distance driver. I barely drove in Chicago. I would take side streets because I was always afraid of the highways. Well, in over the past 2 years. I have conquered many of my fears. I got on an airplane for the first time & once I got that down; became a frequent flyer. In one of my trips I was determined to get on the zipline in Las Vegas. As nervous as I was. I did it. The next fear was the drive from Illinois to Nevada. I had no choice but to drive alone. I had to meet a deadline. My plan was to go south and upwards due to weather. Somehow my GPS took me a different route and I didn't realize until I was few hours in. Oh well, I thought I will be okay. I got through Iowa & Nebraska until I couldn't see anymore at night. My first horrifying experience (as my husband was calling me) It was so dark on the exit I took. I kept driving and unfortunately was driving on incoming lane. I quickly drove into a parking lot and started crying like a baby. I composed myself and begged for a hotel. In less than a mile down I found one, rented a room & cried myself to sleep. The morning came. The sunrise as beautiful as can be. I drove all day until I hit the outskirts of Colorado. I didn't want the same thing to happen so I found another hotel as soon as the sun was setting.

The next morning I left as soon as the sun woke up. It had started to snow lightly. I thought nothing of it. It looked beautiful. An hour in and it was coming down harder. I became nervous as I watched the drivers in front of me sliding. All of a sudden a yellow light comes on in my car and my car slid. It felt like my gas pedal locked. My tires felt like they had turned on their own. Now, coming from Chicago this shouldn't have surprised me. However, I am not that kind of driver when it rained or snowed I always walked where I needed to go due to fear. I finally was able to move a few more feet when all of a sudden my car slid, I went sideways on onto the shoulder. I seriously thought I was going to die. I remained on the shoulder crying for about 35 minutes when state patrol came to my rescue & guided me to next city. My hands were trembling holding the wheel. I was having an anxiety attack and remembered my "fleet skills".  I don't think it was the safest thing to do but I did it. I got behind a semi in front of me with it's hazards on & did the exact same thing for the next hour and half. I arrived into the next city, no snow, no rain & safe.

I kept on going & made it to Utah. All was beautiful, the canyons etc. I thought to myself okay the worse is over. I was wrong. The higher I got in the mountains. Here comes the fog. It literally felt like I was driving through a cloud. Absolutely nothing to see but the red hazard lights of the cars in front of me. Once again I was in anxiety mode. A few hours later I was blinded by sun setting. It is the most beautiful sight you can imagine but also the most frightening when it blocks your vision on a highway.

Several hours later. I arrived to my destination. I stood seated in my car for awhile to cry all my anxiety out. I prayed & thanked GOD for "watching over me, protecting me & never leaving me."

I don't know if anyone will understand or believe me when I say I know I he hears my prayers but these past 2 months. I have been SHOWN that he is & my faith in him is strong and will NOT be broken by anyone or anything. I have a lot on my plate right now and things feel heavy but I trust in him that all will be better when he wills it.

This was my drive from Chicago to Las Vegas... I am here. I made it... Till tomorrow. )0(

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  1. An amazing account of survival with a sweet ending. I love the part where she decides to press on regardless of the GPS mistake. Glad you are home.