Sunday, April 29, 2018

Staying Positive

Yes it's been almost 6 weeks since my partial nephrectomy surgery. I've recovered well from that. I have begun my course of treatment. All I can say on that is I take it one day at a time. There are some days that are good where I have no symptoms. Then there are days where I am vomiting several times in a day. The constant nausea has been reduced somewhat with some medication. I do everything in my power to stay hydrated. As well as staying positive throughout it all.

I see so many young people at the clinic where I go for treatment. It is very sad because they're so young and deserve so much more life. I sit there and try and remain as positive as I can for myself and pray in silence for all the others.  It is a very emotional environment.

Once I'm home I watch, hear or read the news and the stress of life and danger all kick in again. I'm not sure what is going on with me but LIFE's meanings has taken a huge toll on me. I appreciate every minute of air that I breathe. Not that I didn't before it just seems somehow things have changed for me. I enjoy every minute of the sun that I can. I want to absorb every ray possible. Although living in Chicago this is very difficult to do with it's bipolar weather. :)

There isn't a moment that goes by that I don't take for granted. It sounds like a cliche when you're faced with trauma you learn to appreciate everything in life. In some ways this is true. For me: Everything is more clear. I am more aware of certain situations. I have more concerns over my here and now rather than my future. In the past it was vice versa.

Yesterday started out gloomy and became worse. I made it through the morning and napped in the afternoon. I became ill in the evening and slept the entire night. Today is a new day and have no energy and still try to drink my juices and smoothies for protein & vitamins. Yet I lay here wondering about the fellow patients at the clinic I will see this Friday. How they're doing. Hoping they have family caring for them because most are young with a few elderly patients. I pray for them all.

As bad as I felt yesterday I still got up to go spend time with my family. It was worth it. I closed my personal profile on social media to rest. I do have my facebook page open where I can post but cannot see anyone. Everyone can still message me, comment, tag etc. etc.

During this time I need and want to stay focused on getting through this dam disease. Kidney Cancer is no joke. ALL types of cancer are horrible. I will continue to pray that one day they do find a cure for this for ALL of us who are suffering and suffered. For now I will continue my fight , steer in the right direction and will STAY POSITIVE. #IGOTTHIS

Till next time..... )0(

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