Sunday, October 1, 2017


Have you ever just wanted to run away from all that bothers you in life?  I know I have.  Sometimes life can overwhelm you.  Whatever you’re going through there are plenty of times when you just need to “break” from it all. Well, that is what I am going through; so forgive me.

FORGIVE ME; for NOT wanting to see, read or hear negativity, anger, bitterness, hate, stupidity, racism etc on social media & life.

FORGIVE ME; for NOT wanting to see the repetitious posts on everyone’s selfies or food pics. Then we have the bashing of the ex baby mama/daddy drama.  The constant tagging & invites to everything.  Let us not forget the never ending battle of north side south side sports war.  The drama filled women who are angry at the world because they can’t find a decent man & vice versa.  The men who constantly post pics of naked women & claim they get it all the time.  I am done seeing all of this.

There are so many reasons why I choose to keep away from all of this on social media.  It’s bad enough to have to deal with your own issues.  Why log onto social media to see & read everyone else’s. Of course to those who put it out there.

I am not biting the hand that feeds me.  I merely want to remain positive in every aspect of life.  I do understand that social media is the MAIN way people communicate.  My choice is to have verbal, physical communication; FORGIVE ME.

For me it’s soothing to disconnect from social media. It gives me a sense of relief and time to focus on what I need to do in life.  FORGIVE ME for needing to regain control on my dreams & changes.
I have not used my profile for over a month. This is something I had to do. I need to stay attentive to some serious issues & changes; FORGIVE ME.

At this particular moment I wish I can share with you as I normally do on what is to come. All I can tell my followers is that I haven’t forgotten any of you. My friends; you all are remain in thought.
When the time is right I will return to my personal profile on social media. Until then you can always reach me through my business page.  Forgive me….

Until next time..... )0(

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