Saturday, April 15, 2017

Second Chances

There is so much going on in the world today. It makes you think of so many things in your own life. You begin to analyze every moment of significance. All the news broadcasts reporting on the attacks over the world. The immigration deportation worries for numerous immigrants. You can’t help but wonder how it will affect families. Then you have the drug wars, the gang shootings & the never ending saga of discrimination & racism.

What this world needs is change. A type of change that only we as human beings can accomplish. The positive people who agree with what I am saying will be sharing this blog. Then of course you will have the negative people who will always bring down any efforts of good deeds done. Those people will bash this blog or me.

Well here is something to think about. Do you believe in “Second Chance”? If a person who once lived a particular lifestyle has changed. Would you give this person a second chance in life? It can range from any scenario; employment, a relationship, a marriage, or the parent of your child or children?  Everyone in life makes mistakes. Who are we to judge?

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that everyone is to be given a free pass on the crimes they have committed. I do believe in paying your dues and hopefully reforming your life from the error of your ways. So what happens to those people who do so? Who gives them a second chance in life? Well, in the state of Illinois only 12% of convicted criminals are given an employment opportunity. Unfortunately if you haven't come out of a rejuvenated program or know someone who knows someone you won't be given a chance. I do speak from the experience of others when I say it is extremely unfair that the employment world still judges you for your past.

I have witnessed many people be denied employment because of a background check from decades ago. Some of these individuals served their time and continue to pay the price today. They have extreme difficulties finding employment. I just don't understand.

There are so many people who are worth giving an opportunity to provide for their families. Yet the hiring companies all discriminate when you have a background. I understand that a business owner is going to protect his business however isn't this judging & discriminating for doing so? Some businesses would prefer to give a position to someone who can barely speak English. In a few weeks time you will see them searching for a new person because that person didn't work out. Go figure.

Everyone talks about how they do not judge, nor discriminate. There are people who are judging me as I write this blog. Everybody is quick to pick out the flaws in others but when and I do mean WHEN will everyone stop the bullshit and stop judging everyone for their pasts. Whatever the case may be; everyone DESERVES a second chance at regaining their life back. Everyone makes mistakes. You learn to live with them and strive to move forward. Why can't the discriminators

We are the people of this world, Change is desperately needed and it needs to start with us. Perhaps one day all those who have done wrong can earn that second chance. Until then all we can do is pray and hope the best for them. Don't discriminate; Stop the hate.

Here's praying for a better tomorrow.... )0(

Sunday, March 26, 2017

No time for that...

As an author & writer I had a facebook business page to connect to my website & other magazines I write for Chicago Now & Hub Pages. Due to some seriously frightening messages & followers I was receiving. I made the decision to close my business page and re-open my personal profile. I have more control on who & what I will allow.

Over the past few days I was contemplating on making a serious decision about certain things & people. Today I have made that choice to leave all those who give me nothing but sorrow, negativity, drama & heartache. I choose to remain happy inside.

Have you ever noticed when you're a good person and do everything you can to distance yourself from all that bothers you; somehow the negativity seems to draw you back in? Well, I won't have it. I enjoy my sanity.

It seems to me that social media has a huge impact on relationships, friendships & family.  It can be the only way people prefer to communicate. Sometimes those posts or comments can cause more problems than joy. People won't respond to your phone calls or texts yet they find the time to communicate with the entire world on social media. Go figure.

Whatever the case may be I simply choose not to fall prey. To those who wish to keep in contact with me my number is at your request. To those who wish to follow me on social media feel free to do so.

I don't wish to be on anyone's hate list and if I am well, those are your issues not mine. I have always said "Social Media will either make you or break you."  It's your choice. I have to do what is best for me and closing my business page was the answer. On my profile I control who can post, add me to groups, tag me etc. I do this for my own safety. I'm certain people on social media will change the story of why I made these changes and there isn't anything I can do to control what comes out of other peoples mouth.

So, having said all this I take pride & joy in taking a few steps to enjoy more happiness, stay grounded and distance myself from others drama. I prefer to be happy standing alone than with others who may be holding a knife to your back.

I have no time for that... As always, till tomorrow..... )0(

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Ever wonder why some people are just so bitter?  No matter what you do or say to them; nothing makes them happy. Well, I've come across several people in my lifetime like this. I always gave them the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe they were going through something that I didn't understand. I finally realized and it took me years to do so; that these certain individuals just prefer to live this way.  They seem to enjoy to wallow in their own misery.

No matter what accomplishments I have made or done. There is or never will be any acknowledgment or praise from them. Yet something worse; criticism. Seriously, how can you put someone down for doing something they love to do? Why would you? People as such are clearly labeled heartless. Do you ever think they feel any type of love, admiration or joy; ever?

No one knows what another person is going through or has gone through in life. Whatever it was or is should not make you bitter towards the world and those
who love you. I guess it's easier said than done. I personally have held onto a tremendous amount of hate to certain individuals. Over the course of time, learning to let go of the anger & pain makes everything so much easier.

WHY? WHY? won't these particular people do the same? Is it easier to live with hate than love?  I've accepted the reality of how blinded I have been on being generous to those who don't ever appreciate anything. There is already so much hate and ignorance in the world. I will never understand why people hold onto such negativity? Do they not ever get tired of being bitter? Why would anyone prefer to be alone and miserable instead of enjoying life? Oh well, whatever I will have no part of their lives any longer.

You can only do so much for people. In the end it always has to be their choice to help themselves. I prefer to be happy inside and out. I wish this for them always.

Till tomorrow..... )0(

Sunday, March 5, 2017

What matters...

It has been a little over 2 months since I have been able to blog. That is so not like me at all. I have kept in mind all that I have been doing and going through during that time. Yet somehow seemed to have lost focus on what gets me through it all; my writing.

Every now and then I do get distracted from things that may seem pointless to some and the world to others. Well, unfortunately I let it happen to me.again. I found myself becoming seriously stressed with so many issues that were going on with me and instead of blogging or venting (as I initially named this blog page). I chose to forget all what I was about.

I found myself trying to do other tasks to help others succeed with their projects. I guess I never really looked at it as a way of it becoming a problem. I just wanted to help. Well, when your efforts are not appreciated and always critiqued then what is the point of helping? Most of the times I never say NO. I believe this is my problem. I've learned my lesson. I will not take on anything that is not in my nature to do so. It's difficult to handle sometimes but my mind will have better ease in not doing so.

The time now is for me to continue doing me; which I haven't been doing so in awhile. I will blog, write, vent and continue on with my articles and books. If it is at eleven p.m. or five a.m. I will be back doing my thing. I will not lose my focus on the things that matter to me the most; my writing.

So hear I am... Till tomorrow..

Sunday, January 15, 2017


There will always be that day where you feel you just want to escape everything and everyone. Yeah, well sometimes you may need to. There is something about having some time to yourself. Sometimes you have just stop, take a deep breath, let it go and relax. 

I don't think anyone ever takes a moment to just slam the door, shut off your phones, computers & what knots. Well, sometimes it is a must! No one but yourself knows what you're going through. When you don't take that moment to reflect you're perceptions on things can really mess with your head.

The way of the world today is "Internet". In many cases we take to the internet to either help ourselves or break ourselves. Sometimes you just need to power down and refocus. 

There is so much going on with each and everyone of us no one truly knows what's going on inside your mind unless you let them in. So, whatever it is, whomever you choose to share it with. It is the absolute best feeling to release that tension, joy or pain whenever you can. I highly recommend to everyone to do this. Do not act on your emotions. Sometimes it can be a great decision and sometimes it can be troublesome. Only you can decide.

Having said this all; sometimes I wish my words could reach everyone of you. If not today perhaps tomorrow. Simply keep in mind that here is someone who cares for all even when I can't for myself.. Sometimes.....

Till tomorrow..... )0(